How does Bitcoin intersect with discussion of ethics? Bitcoin is money, so there is a lot of crossover. Around the world, there are nation states that have completely lost the trust of their citizens: Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Colombia are three primary examples of economic strife.


This stack of Venezuelan Bolivares is worth $21 USD. Back in 2001, it would have been worth $71,000 USD. Other nations suffer similar crises.

Currently, people in Venezuela are scrambling for Bitcoin because it’s a currency which does not devalue like their national currency, it can’t be taken from them, and the government cannot stop people from exchanging it.


Many questions of ethics are raised by the empowerment of money as a right to own and use. Take a look at some of these questions:

Bitcoin and Ethics of…

1. Privacy & Censorship

2. Poverty (Coming soon)

Advancing classroom education with Bitcoin.