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Here, you can find some Lesson Plans and ideas for using Bitcoin to teach in your classroom or at your event. In the future, if you’d like to give back, use the Contact page and send your own lesson plans and ideas to share with other educators so they can be posted at Bitcoin Classroom.

Level: Advanced

Target: Financial Trading Lab students

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Bitcoin Lesson Plan Ideas

A Financial Trading Lab is a great way to give students hands-on experience, but there are several other ways you can incorporate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into your classroom. Here’s just a few ideas:

Bitcoin Vocabulary

Before assigning any assignment to students related to Bitcoin, it is helpful to assign vocab to them and have them define what each term means as it relates to Bitcoin. Below are ten basic words that anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin should know:

  1. Block
  2. Blockchain
  3. Depositor Insurance
  4. Digital Currency
  5. A Hash
  6. Mining for Bitcoins
  7. Mining Pool
  8. Nonce
  9. Satoshis
  10. A wallet

Bitcoin Essay Topics

There are lots of essay topics that both help students understand what it is and what’s it place in modern finance should be. Here are a few topic ideas:

  1. Should Cryptocurrency be regulated?
  2. How has technology changed global community?
  3. Does Bitcoin really work?
  4. Should Bitcoin be included in an individual’s investment portfolio?
  5. How can Bitcoin change global economy positively or negatively?

Bitcoin Learning Activity

The best kind of learning is hands-on learning. Teach students how blockchain work, then use this as the foundation of creating a cryptocurrency for your classroom; let students think of the currencies name, earn it, and use it to trade for real goods.

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