The Quality of USA’s Public School System

Which school subjects did you enjoy most, growing up, and which ones did you dislike the most? Your answers might depend on where you’re from. Why is that? For Americans, a 2012 Gallup poll shows that a whopping 71% give the public education system a below average score despite the fact that the majority of children in USA are educated there. As an American, I will testify that the public education system has failed me completely, especially in regard to mathematics, science, and technology – two things that I have discovered a love for only after leaving to live abroad for 10+ years.

Discovering Bitcoin

While living outside of the USA for 10 years, I discovered Bitcoin, the world’s first peer-to-peer, secure digital currency. The innovation involved in the development and creation of Bitcoin spans numerous education curricula: cryptography, elliptical mathematics, computer science (coding), information theory, game theory, privacy & censorship, economics & politics, ethics, and perhaps others. Bitcoin works as the first sound, global currency that cannot be censored or controlled by large and often corrupt entities such as government or banks. It can be used as an educational tool to solve these problems by teaching students something modern, relevant, complicated, interesting, and applicable to their future. Bitcoin can garner interest across many important fields of study. Bitcoin can be used as an educational tool in a wide range of classrooms in order to fulfill the shortcomings of public education.

Bitcoin for Educators and the Classroom

Bitcoin is something I have grown to love studying and teaching about. It encompasses aspects of my childhood education that I have always disliked, yet which I now enjoy. I believe Bitcoin can serve as a strong educational tool to motivate and educate young learners, garnering interest in important fields that are often taught with little real world application. Bitcoin can solve those teaching woes because it is shockingly brilliant. Bitcoin Classroom is a teaching tool about Bitcoin and many of the components that comprises Bitcoin. It will explain what Bitcoin is and it will act as an introduction to all of the academic fields of study which work together within the Bitcoin system.

Bitcoin intersects and can be used in the classroom to teach about:

  • Economics (digital money, finance)
  • Ethics (privacy, censorship)
  • Politics (government, taxes, campaigns)
  • Mathematics (Cryptography, Elliptical Mathematics, Game Theory)
  • Computer Science (coding, information theory)

Bitcoin Classroom will use the above resources to demonstrate how teaching about Bitcoin can motivate learners to understand how fun, interesting, and important all of these fields of study can be. Several fields of study play a role in Bitcoin and will be touched on in the presentation. All of the sources listed here will help to explain how Bitcoin can be used across numerous curricula.

Advancing classroom education with Bitcoin.